Things to remember before buying a android device

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In this post i am going to share the list of features which you have to see before buying a device,this will help you to buy a great devices,In this post  you will learn about some really features which we ignore’s at the time of buying.

Things to remember before buying a android device

So remember that the phone you are buying has these features;

CAMERA: First of all check the camera of your device ,the pixels does not really matters the thing is the images which you clicked has good enough resolution or not so for checking the resolution click a picture and then click on details if the more than 1080*1920 then it has great resolution.

But always try to find the device which has many other video recording features like slow motion,dslr mode.

ANDROID VERSION: Check the version of android if you will getting a latest version of android then it is great.

Remember always buy a phone which gives you updates because updates are really important for example: if the latest version of android comes and you will get an update then it means you have great device.


Ram is the main part of android phone more ram means your device will work faster if your device has not have sufficient ram the you did not get great experience.

ROM is also important rom means the amount of internal storage so try to get the device with more internal storage.


Many people did not know about processors so the list of processor given below:

1.Qualcomm snapdragon



So try to buy a device with snapdragon or mediatek processor becasuse these are good for gaming,and always buy a device which has more amount of processors.


The list of sensors:



3.Ambient light



Buy a phone which maximum sensors in it,always check the reviews of device in the internet.
If you will follow these advices then it will help you in buying a great device.
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