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Hlw guys if you are blogger then you have to read this post because in this post i am telling some tricks that will help you to get adsense easily if you follow them correctly.


Approval for blog or site

If you are a blogger then adsense helps you to turn your passion into money.It is the platform by using this platform you will earn a lots of money in very less time.So this is the great platform for earning.But first of all you have send a application for approving adsense.And the adsense is not a cup of cake you will not get adsense approval easily.Adsense has some conditions,And you have to know about all the conditions.So in this post we will talk about the getting adsense approval process,And we will also talk about the best alternative platforms if you don’t getting adsense approval.


  • According to adsense policy your blog/site content should be unique or differ from other blogs.
  • Your content should not be copied from any other blog/site.
  • Blog/site does not have any copyright issues.
  • Your post should contain minimum 400 words.
  • The site/blog which has only videos in it did not get adsense approval.

Many people believes that your blog domain has to be older than 6 months ,this is totally wrong,if your site has the quality content than maybe  you will get adsense approval  in a few weeks or days, some people believes that if you get more views then you will get approval instantly,So the main point is”views doesn’t matter.

This is not compulsory that your blog get approval if you are getting more views,And remember on thing send adsense req after 30 posts.


Approval in 3 days

1.First of all create a menubar,which has about us and contact us page.

2.Then create a fb like page in the sidebar.

3.Remember removes every useless widgets.

4.Try to write the longer posts.

5.Don’t use any copyright images or videos.For knowing how to get copyright free images click here.

Remember send adsense request after building your templates never send request if you haven’t completed the editing.

What to do if adsense application rejects?

If your application rejects then try again and again and you will surely get approval.But if you did not getting approval after trying many times ,then try the alternatives platform.


MEDIA.NET: This is the best adsense alterative platform founded by yahoo and bing networks but it has also a approval process.But for getting approval from is easier than getting approval in adsense.For getting approval high traffic from USA and Germany is needed if you are getting high amount of traffic then apply for it.You will need minimum 100$ if you want to withdraw.

REVENUE HITS :If your blog/site getting large amount of traffic then apply for it .This is also a great alternatives,If you are getting approval then don’t hesitate go for it ,you will earn the maximum amount of money from here.

CHITIKA: You don’t need to follow the approval process directly sign up and get your ad code.

So these are the best adsense alternatives ,if you like my post then don’t forget to comment or share.

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