How to bypass screen lock pattern/password easily and unlock android device

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How to bypass screen lock pattern/password easily and unlock android device

Hlw guys in this post you will learn how to bypass any android pattern or any kind of security lock and how you can open your device without knowing any pattern or password read the full post for getting methods of bypass android lock screen without any pattern or password, guys this is totally working trick.If you follow each and every step carefully then I am damn sure after following each and every step carefully you will able to bypass lock screen of android.

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Disclaimer :This trick is totally for educational purpose.Don’t use this trick for any illegal work.This is only for educational purpose.

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Why You Need To Bypass Device Pattern ?

This method is helpful when you forget your device password/pattern and want to unlock your device without losing your data.And if somebody make changes in your device security then you can easily open your device.

Requirements for bypass device lock

There is nothing much needed for doing this trick.
  1. Only Android Device with a screen lock in it.But remember this trick only works to unlock device which have any third party app screen locker in it.If anybody is using system default lock then this trick fails.

How to bypass screen lock if the person is using and third party application for locking android device?

  1. First of all open Power off your device.
  2. Then you have to boot to safe mode if you don’t know how to boot in safe mode then you have to search it in google.
  3. Because every device has different-different methods and different key combination’s for the opening device.
  4. So just search according to your device and boot to safe mode.
  5. Then after entering the safe mode, you can now open your device without password/pattern.But you can only access the apps which are pre-installed in your device .
  6. So quickly go to the setting’s and uninstall the third-party application.
  7. And restart your device now you will not ask any pin/pattern.

How to bypass your device lock when using default screen lock?

By using this method you have to factory data reset your device so after this method definitely you will loose your data.So continue if you want.
  1. You cannot simply reset your device cos your device is locked for factory data reset follow below steps.
  2. First of all power off your device and simultaneously press power button+volume down.
  3. Then simply select factory data reset but your touch will not work there.
  4. So you have to use volume buttons for selecting up/down and power button for selecting.
  5. Factory reset your device and when you open your device then you will not ask for pattern/password.

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This article is only for educational purpose don’t misuse this way.

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