Stay Away From Wanna Cry Ransomware [Cyber Attack In INDIA] ::And Stay Protected From Data Loss And Money Loss

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Stay Away From Wanna Cry Ransomware [Cyber Attack In INDIA} ::And Stay Protected From Data Loss And  Money Loss

Hlw guys this is really important update for everyone who uses internet in Pc/laptop.Nowadays India is suffering from a cyber attack and everyone is in danger so today we are going to talk about “Wanna Cry Ransomware“.
Stay Away From Wanna Cry Ransomware [Cyber Attack In INDIA] ::And Stay Protected From Data Loss

What Is Wanna Cry Ransomware?

If you are a internet user and surf internet in your Pc/laptop then your data is in danger if wanna cry enters in your system then you have to face a huge data loss or money wastage.Because if “Wanna Cry Ransomware” enters in your Pc then your data like {pictures,movies,games,
important files, and everything in your Pc/laptop changes into encrypted form and for unlocking your data you have to pay money via PayPal read the full articles if you don’t want to loose your data.
Before somedays windows encountered a problem in his windows and then patch and fixed the problem but many window user are not able to install this patch so the group of “hackers” made this ransomware and take advantage of this problem which is illegal.
So this is some information about what is Wanna Cry Ransomware.
But method for staying away from wanna cry is given below.

Where Our Data Goes?

If your computer has wanna cry ransomware then your data changes into encrypted or password numeric form which you can’t read for reading that data you have to pay the demanded money then only you will be able to regain your data otherwise you will get nothing but only disappointment.

How To Stay Away From Wanna Cry Ransomware ?

  1. Don’t open the gmail which contain any .exe file.
  2. Do not surf any fishy website.
  3. If you are downloading anything and suddenly a less size .exe file started downloading then stop downloading and delete the file as soon as possible.
  4.  Don’t surf any website where many popups appear at ones.
  5. Install window patch as soon as possible and surf internet without any tension.
These things are really important keep these things in your mind and you will get safe from wanna cry ransomware .Otherwise there is no chance to get your data back.


India is the main target of this ransomware a group of hackers is reason for this ransomware attack .But if you follow above advices then you would be safe and remember do not download or open any unknown .exe file if you open then your data converted into encrypted form and a screen appears that demands money for unlocking data.Many countries are becaming the target of this ransomware every big company contains data but if data is converted into enccrypted form which is unreadable by human then every day company suffer’s from a huge loss.
It is my job to warn you but know its your to share this post to everyone which you want to keep them safe from this ransomware .Share this article to everyone and subscribe to our site. 

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