How To Install Twrp Recovery

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How To Install Twrp Recovery

In this article, I am going to talk about “Installing twrp recovery.This is the most basic and simple tutorials and you have to just follow some easy steps.We are doing this with step by step after following some easy steps you can easily install recovery in your device.There are two methods for installing twrp recovery first method is installing twrp recovery without pc and second method is installing twrp recovery with pc.

twrp samung galaxy tab a 8.0

This method is only applicable for android devicebut we are not responsible for any damage to your device while installing the recovery so do follow all the steps carefully.You may void your warranty after doing this.

Many readers are thinking why to install twrp recovery in android device, without installing recovery you will not be able to flash any custom ROM.So installing recovery is necessary for your device.Some of the advantages or profits of installing recovery are mentioned below.

Why You Have To Install Recovery In Android device ?

  1. Without installing recovery you will not be able to flash ROM.
  2. Without installing recovery you will not be able to update to latest android version.
  3. With the help of recovery, you can easily flash any mod or file.
  4. Above mention, points are enough to tell that recovery is important if you are a rom developer or want new Android updates.

Some Tasks Before Installing Twrp/Cwm in android device

  1. Charge your device more than 80%.
  2. Backup all the data of your device.
  3. An application from the playstore name “Twrp Manager“.
  4. Your device must be rooted for using this method.

How To Install Twrp Recovery In android device Without Pc? 

  1. First of all your device must be rooted for this method.
  2. Then you have to download and install an application name “ROM MANAGER” in your Samsung android device Devices.
  3. After that, you have to open the application.
  4. Then click ok after that you have to choose the recovery you want to install.
  5. Then click on the recovery you want to install in your Lenovo k8.
  6. Now, wait till your device automatically reboot.
  7. Then you will be able to open recovery using (volume down and power button) simultaneously.

How To Install Twrp Recovery In android device With Pc

In this method, you are going to install twrp recovery in android device using pc and this is as simple as above method if you follow all the steps carefully then at the end you will be successful in installing twrp recovery.But before that you have to enable USB debugging for that go to the settings then developers option then there enable it.After enabling usb debugging follow below steps:

1-Open the folder where .twrp img file stored then there you have to open cmd (Command Prompt).
2-Connect your device via USB cable.
3-Then you have to type some commands in cmd-

   adb reboot bootloader

4-Then after that, you have to type this command

   fastboot flash recovery twrp-2.9.img

5-In the above command you have to type the name of your twrp file in place of “twrp-2.9.img”.

6-Then last and final command after twrp installation-

    fastboot reboot 

This is the full guide for installing twrp recovery and if you have any problem or questions related to this post then don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.These above-mentioned methods are safe and secure and by using this method you can easily install twrp in  android device.


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