List Of Htc Devices Getting Official Android 8.0 Oreo Update

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Htc Devices Getting Official Android 8.0 Oreo Update

Today, I am sharing the list of the devices getting official oreo update.Android Oreo 8.0 is the latest android version oreo comes with many new features and keep that aside because I already wrote a separate article covering that topic today we are mainly focusing on the “list of the Htc Phones getting official android 8.0 oreo update”.This list contains the devices which are going to get update officially.

official Oreo Update Htc

This is the list of Htc Devices that will get official android 8.0 oreo update.Some of the Micromax devices will get android oreo update.So if you have this question What’s new in the oreo update then you have to check below list.

Difference Between Official And Un-official Oreo Update

Official update is always better than the unofficial update.Official update is tested by the team of developers and this update is bug-free.While un-official update in full of bugs that update is in beta state, not the fully bug-free update.So I always prefer official update if the devices not getting official update then you should try for lineageOs official Oreo Update and if lineageOs 15.0 is also not officially made for your device then try any other ROMs.

Features Of Oreo Upgrade

  1. Better Ram Management-Oreo Update comes with the better ram functioning and better ram management.
  2. Quick Message-Quickly message and reply to anyone through message bar this feature is going to lessen your efforts.
  3. Different animation-Comes with the different animations.
  4. Different and attractive UI- Comes with the different and attractive UI.
  5. Different Apps Manager-You will get different apps manager for your android.
  6. Many themes-You will get many different themes option.
  7. Comes with other oreo features.
This list includes official android 8.0 update maybe your device will get the Android 8.0 oreo update but that update is totally unofficial.We also added the devices that will get lineageOs 15.0 oreo or resurrection remix 5.8.5.

List Of Htc Phones Getting Official Android 8.0 Update

  1. Htc Note 5
  2. Htc Note 4
  3. Htc Note 3
  4. Htc 4 prime
  5. Htc 4
  6. Htc Note 4X
Above is the list of Htc devices that will receive official android 8.0 oreo update.Now you have to wait till the release of official oreo update and also you have to wait for the release of LineageOs15.0 official android 8.0 oreo update.
DISCLAIMER-We is not sharing any copyrighted content or material.This is the latest tech new site and this is the new only we respect official developers.But this is the list only for knowledge purpose.

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