Download LineageOs 15 Samsung Galaxy J Max Oreo ROM-[LOS 15]

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Download LineageOs 15 Samsung Galaxy J Max Oreo ROM-LineageOs is the most active Android community which uses Android Open Source Code and develops the latest ROMs based on the latest Android version.This is the post covering the latest android oreo  Samsung Galaxy J Max and also some knowledge about lineageOs Samsung Galaxy J Max official and unofficial update.Download lineageOs 15.0 (LOS15) ROM which comes with all the feature of Android 8.0 oreo and also the stable among all the ROMs.I would prefer this ROM for Samsung Galaxy J Max.

LineageOs 15 Oreo ROM for Samsung Galaxy J Max also read all the requirements for installing lineageOs android oreo in your Samsung Galaxy J Max and just check the tutorials for installing ROM in your device.Before going further you have to meet the below requirements then you can flash this ROM.
Download LineageOs Samsung Galaxy J Max.

LineageOs 15 Samsung Galaxy J Max


  1. Samsung Galaxy J Max.
  2. Backup your device Data.
  3. Download LineageOs 15.0 Oreo ROM “Download LineageOs 15 Oreo ROMs“.
  4. Twrp Should Be Installed (How To Install Twrp Recovery).
Bugs In The ROM-
Features Of LineageOs 15.0 Oreo ROM
  1. Notification Dots-This feature helps you to check the notification’s just clicking on the dots.If a dots appear on the screen that means a new notification is there just click the dot and read the notification.
  2. Split Screen Feature-Split Screen divides the screen into two parts and you can do your work easily without stopping or closing other apps.
  3. Battery Improvements-New lineageOs 15 (LOS 15) comes with battery improvements.
  4. Better Ram Management-LOS 15 comes with the better ram management and also with the quick functioning.
  5. Latest Emojis with an enhanced look.
  6. Latest Android Oreo UI Interface.
  7. Latest Themes with customization.

I think these all feature’s will help you to decide that you have to download And Install LineageOs 15 Oreo In Samsung Galaxy J Max or Not.

How To Install LineageOs 15 Oreo?

  1. After Installing Twrp recovery, Boot into recovery mode(Volume Up + Power Off) button simultaneously.
  2. Download LineageOs 15 Oreo ROM and store it in the storage.
  3. Then Click the install button and then select the ROM which you downloaded earlier.
  4. Swipe for confirming then Wipe Cache/Dalvik and the device rebooted and you will see the lineage boot animation.
  5. You have successfully installed LineageOs 15 Oreo in Samsung Galaxy J Max.

Requirements For Installing-G-Apps LineageOs 15 Oreo-

  1. Download G-Apps For Android Oreo (Download Official Android Oreo G-Apps).
  2. Twrp Should be Installed.

How To Install GApps In LineageOs 15 Oreo-

  1. Boot into recovery mode.
  2. Then click the install button.
  3. Then select the Oreo G-Apps which you downloaded earlier and swipe for confirm.
  4. The device will be booted and the g-apps installed successfully in your device.

How To Install Superuser In LineageOs 15 Oreo-

  1. Download the superuser file for flashing.
  2. Then boot into recovery mode then click install.
  3. Select the Superuser file and swipe and device reboot.
  4. After rebooting your device successfully installed root permission.
Disclaimer-We is not responsible for any kind of damage to your device during this process.If anything goes wrong it’s totally your fault.
LineageOs 15 Oreo ROM is the latest update and the thing is this ROM contains all the new LOS 15 looks download LOS 15 ROM and install it in your Samsung Galaxy J Max.

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