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Download And Install MIUI9 Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus 

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Download And Install MIUI9(Android Nougat) In Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus 

Hlw in this post we are going to talk about Miui 9 Rom this post is for redmi 5/redmi 5 plus users.If you are Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus user then this post makes you happy because in this post you will get to know about MIUI 9 Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus.If you are waiting for list of MIUI 9 supported devices.Then don’t worry almost all the redmi devices will get MIUI 9 update .In this articles we will talk about1.Downloading MIUI 9.
2.Installing MIUI 9 in any xiaomi Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus.
3.Featues of MIUI 9

This method for installing MIUI 9 ROM works only in Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus .Don’t try this method in any other device this is only for Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus.

What Is MIUI 9 ?

Miui 9 comes with nougat version of android expected that most of the devices get this update some device get this update but not with nougat version.
Devices like redmi 1s will get miui 9 but not get android nougat.

Requirements for installing MIUI 9 in Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus

1.Miui 9 Rom (Download From The Link Below) .
2.Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus.
3.Micro USB cable.
4.Launch updater application must be installed in your device.

Download MIUI 9 Rom
Download miui 9 from ||this link (click here)

Installing MIUI 9 Rom or Installing nougat in Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus .
1.Connect your device to laptop or pc via USB cable.
2.Then copy the Rom in the internal storage.
3.Open updater application.
4.Miui 6 and above version click on the three dots situated in the corner of the screen.Then click on update package.
5.Then select the Rom which you copied in internal storage.
6.Miui 5 and above click on the menu and select update package.A and select Rom.
7.If you follow all the steps correctly then your device automatically restarts and upgrade to a new version.
8.Enjoy miui 9 in Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus.

If your device damaged during this process then we are not responsible for that do at your own risk.


Installing Miui 9(android nougat) in Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus


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