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How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phone 2018 OEM Unlocking

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How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phone-

In this post you will read “How to Unlock Bootloader Of Samsung Phone 2018” and if you have samsung phone then read this post because unlock bootloader helps you in many ways.If you want to install root permission in samsung phone then you have unlock bootloader of samsung phone first then you are able to install twrp in samsung phone and install root in samsung phone.There are many profits of unlocking bootloader and also many disadvantages also.Unlocking bootloader samsung phone causes some of the problems like warranty but if you are thinking to install root and install twrp in samsung phone then unlock bootloader is compulsory.

Profits Of Unlock Bootloader In Samsung Phone-

There are many profits of unlock bootloader samsung phone and you can read them below-

  1. After unlock bootloader you are able to install twrp recovery.
  2. Also you can install root permission after unlock bootloader.
  3. Install custom flashes.
  4. Install custom roms.
  5. Easily able to make changes in system files.
  6. Able to apply changes in core system.
  7. Get superuser access.

Disadvantages Of Unlock Bootloader-

There are many disadvantages but in some devices unlock bootloader will not void your warranty but in some devices it will void warranty.So before unlock check your device category and also check that the unlock bootloader will void your warranty or not.In xiaomi phones or redmi phones unlock bootloader will not void your warranty so don’t worry if you are unlocking bootloader in xiaomi or redmi phones.

Disclaimer-We are giving tutorials about “How To Unlock Bootloader In Samsung Phone and if your warranty voids after unlocking then we are not responsible for that.In that case we are not going to responsible for that.

Requirements For Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phone-

  1. Samsung Phone.
  2. PC and Laptop.
  3. Install android sdk first and then install in your pc.
  4. Superboot File.

How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phone-

  1. After downloading android sdk from requirement section, install android sdk in computer/laptop.
  2. After installing android sdk download superboot file from requirement section.
  3. Then after installing superboot file then you have to put it in pc/laptop.
  4. Then switch off samsung phone and boot into superboot mode.
  5. Then go to folder where superboot file situated.
  6. Then press shift key + Right click.
  7. Then run command prompt.
  8. Then type “Superboot device”.
  9. Then type “Superboot OEM Unlock”.
  10. Then confirm the notification appear in your device.
  11. Wait for sometime and you have successfully unlock bootloader of samsung phone.

This is the safest method for unlocking bootloader and by using this method you are able to unlock bootloader of samsung phone 2018 easily.

What To Do After Unlock Bootloader-

Now you can install twrp recovery and installing twrp recovery give you freedom of installing any flashes and root permission in samsung phone.

How To Install Twrp

After installing twrp recovery in samsung phone you can install root in samsung phone.Click below link and read how to root samsung phone.Below link contains both methods for installing root.First method is root using apk and second method is root using pc.

How To Root Android Phone 2018

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