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List Of Devices Getting Miui 10-Miui 10 Eligible Phones

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List Of Devices Getting Miui 10 Or Phones Eligible For Miui 10-

List Of Devices getting Miui 10 and this is the most accurate list. Miui 10 is the latest miui version till date and i think everyone want’s Miui 10 update.Check the below list and this list contains only the devices getting miui 10.These devices will get Miui 10 update and you can easily install miui 10 Update in these devices.Download miui 10 update and install that in your xiaomi device.As you know miui 1o is the latest miui version and everyone want to install miui 10 in their xiaomi device but now every device will eligible for miui 10 update.Some are able to install miui 10 and some are not able to install miui 10 update.Check the list below and find the list of devices getting miui 10 update.This is the list for miui 10 eligible Phones.

Xiaomi take’s this decision because xiaomi has no time for development and xiaomi are going to do great work but because of all old devices xiaomi is not able to give the best that’s why all the xiaomi devices will not get miui 10 update.Some of the listed devices will get miui 10 update.

Devices Eligible For Miui 10 Update Or Devices Getting Miui 10 Update-

  1. Redmi 4a
  2. Redmi Note 4
  3. Redmi 3x/3s/3s prime
  4. Redmi 4
  5. Redmi 4 Santoni
  6. Redmi Note 5
  7. Redmi Note 5A
  8. Redmi 5A
  9. Redmi Y1
  10. Redmi Y1 Lite
  11. Redmi Note 2
  12. Mi 6
  13. Mi 5
  14. Mi 4c
  15. Mi 4i
  16. Mi 3
  17. Mi Max
  18. Mi Mix
  19. Mi Max 2
  20. Mi Mix 2

These all devices are eligible for miui 10 update you can install miui 10 latest update for these devices and you are able to use miui 10 in the devices getting miui 10.Miui 10 is going to be more faster more better and more featured.Enjoy miui 10 update for all devices mention above.If you don’t know how to install miui 10 in redmi/mi devices then check the steps below:

Requirements for Installing MIUI 10 in Xiaomi/Redmi/Mi

1.Miui 10 Rom [If stable update comes for your device you don’t need this]
2.Eligible device for miui 10
3.Micro USB cable.
4.Launch updater application must be installed in your device.

How To Install MIUI 10 in Xiaomi/Redmi/Mi Devices ?

1.Connect your device to laptop or pc via USB cable.
2.Then copy the Rom in the internal storage.
3.Open updater application.
4.Miui 6 and above version click on the three dots situated in the corner of the screen.Then click on update package.
5.Then select the Rom which you copied in internal storage.
6.Miui 5 and above click on the menu and select update package.A and select Rom.
7.If you follow all the steps correctly then your device automatically restarts and upgrade to a new version.
8.Enjoy miui 10.

Download/install miui 10 in xiaomi/redmi/mi device and enjoy miui 10 update.

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